The Union Reps Diploma in Contemporary Trade Unionism
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This course is designed for trade union representatives. It will help learners engage with the early, present and potential role of trade unions, and to develop attitudes and skills needed for higher level study or activism.

The aims of the course:
To provide an opportunity for learners to question the origins and motives for trade unionism, to analyse commentaries and opinions on them, and to review the options for the future. The materials include background information and resources, supportive study skills, and a wide selection of activities for use in groups.

The course is made up of 3 subject modules:
1. The Development of Trade Unions in Britain
2. Trade Unions Today
3. The Future of Trade Unions

These are supported by 4 study skills modules:
1. Communication and Study Skills
2. Working with Figures
3. ICT
4. Research Project

Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Learners will be able to achieve National Open College learning credits for the modules studied. They will keep a record of all activities undertaken (as a matter of good practice and as evidence of learning taking place) in a file or portfolio. This will form the basis for the awards.

To achieve the credits available for the 3 subject modules and the Research Project, we will cover:

The Developmentment of Trade Unions Today
* a 1500 word essay
* other evidence

Trade Unions Today and Trade Unions in the Future
* a 1500 word essay based on one module
* a time constrained, individual classroom based assessment on the module not covered by the essay
* other evidence

Research Project
* Project Plan
* Written Project report

This course will be taught by Ged Peck, TUC Course Co-ordinator for Hertfordshire.


(This course is modular meaning that reps can begin on any one of the three terms)

Term 1 : From Monday 13th January 2009 (12 wks, evenings only)

Term 2 : From Monday 20th April 2009 (12 wks, evenings only)

There are four other terms - dates to be confirmed