The Safety Reps Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Certificate
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This course is designed for experienced union safety representatives. Participants will normally be expected to have completed the Next Steps for Safety Reps Course

The aims of the course are:
1. To develop a knowledge of standards for occupational health and safety
2. To build health and safety within the workplace
3. To tackle health, safety, welfare and environmental issues within the workplace
4. To undertake detailed project work
5. To develop key skills

Therefore, you can see that this course covers a range of issues. It also includes using the European Trade Union Technical Bureau to the trade union management of risk assessment, work on the Eco Management Auditing Scheme (EMAS), and workplace activites on building awareness of European Health and Safety Week, International RSI Awareness Day, and the International Workers Memorial Day.

Additionally, we deal with work on British Standards and ISO 14001, TQM, and the case for and against integration.

On the legal side, we look at criminal and civil law and how legal standards are achieved in Europe and internationally. There is also a critique of the legal system for health and safety in the UK, and how things could be improved.

The project will be a substantial piece of work of practical value in the workplace and the union. You will receive considerable tutor guidance and support in this.

Finally, this course will be taught by Ged Peck, TUC Course Co-ordinator in Hertfordshire who tutored the initial H&S Cert course pilot at Dunstable College in 1998.


(This course is modular meaning that reps can begin on any one of the three terms)

Term 1 : Already underway (12 wks)

From Tuesday 13th January 2009 (12 wks)

Term 3 : From Tuesday 21st April 2009 (12 wks)